Creating A Marketing Plan

Developing a marketing plan is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your business will make a profit. There are basic reasons for developing a marketing plan:

It forces you to identify your target market.
It forces you to think about both short and long-term marketing strategies.
It looks at your business as a whole and ties together market objectives.
It allocates limited resources to create the greatest return.
It provides a guide to measure progress and outcome.

Knowing Your Target Customer

Knowing your customer is the first step in marketing. The better you know your customers, the better you will be at finding more customers. Why do people do business with you? What makes your different from the competition.

Below are 5 tips on getting to know your customer courtesy.
Determine what you need to know. For example, what do they like or dislike about your product or service? How do they feel about the way your company handles complaints? Are they repeating customers? Why or why not?
Use one or more survey methods to measure customer satisfaction, such as direct mail, telephone calls, or focus groups (groups of 6-10 people who share their ideas about your product or service).
Hire an outside market research firm to develop questions and interpret findings, unless you have an experienced person in-house.
Have employees keep ongoing written records of customer compliments and complaints. Review these at staff meetings.
Once you know what your customers want, make the adjustments and improvements necessary to keep them coming back.

Silk Laminated Business Cards

About 3 years ago, Silk Lamination was introduced to the US markets, What was once a product that was generally produced in Asia has now entered into the mainstream of the United States print world. Silk business cards have a silky touch and feel to them and when combined with Spot UV, they make an awesome card that opens up a world of design possibilites.

Silk Lamination is technically called Polypropolene and is offered in several thickness measured in mililiters. The thicker the lamanation, the more water and tear resistant the card becomes. This is why some resellers of Silk Lamination promote its water and tear resistance. To order 14pt. silk laminated business cards, you can visit

New Site Coming

Our new online ordering site should be up in “two weeks”. You’ll have acces to our new image gallery, pricing and of course the ability to generate your own order from start to finish and simply upload your files.

Our site features over 18 paper types and coatings inlcluding Silk Lamination and Foil Stamping. In fact we are your new headquarters to trick out your print job. We are currently working on a sample piece that has Silk Lamination with Spot UV and Foil Stamping with Embossing and rounded corners. The only thing we have to do is dip them in chile cause this card will be hot. Stay tuned and well post it for you and now you can order on in about two weeks.

Silk Business Cards

What are Silk Business Cards?

Silk cards are a new style of business cards that are so unique that most people have never felt cards like these. They are full color business cards that has been laminated with a material that has a silk texture feel to it.


Contact us today for a free sample of our silk business cards.