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San Antonio Commercial Printers

The San  Antonio Commercial Printers market has grown in size due to the recent increase of San Antonio Printing firms who now are marketing themselves as printers. While marketing a company as a print is easy for these businesses, it is somehow illusional as they for the most part are printing companies that are farming out the work to third party companies online who own large production facilities and sell at wholesale and trade pricing.

While this tactic is effective, the downfall is that turn times are not immediate and quality and color control becomes lost in the mass production of gang run printing.  Few San Antonio printer firms offer gang run printing services as it is difficult to aggregate  large orders in a timely fashion and be profitable with other companies who can produce the same job for a fraction of the cost.

The advantage of having a local print company of print shop in San Antonio verses commercial printers in San Antonio is the speed of digital printing and efficiency. Using a digital production facility bypasses the need to burn offset printing plates as well as the overhead involved in using a full sheet or 27×40 sheet of paper for a small run.

The market is vast in the San Antonio Commercial Printers industry and a local print shop can offer many advantages that larger print firms cannot. Due to scale and efficiency, most small print shops in San Antonio see projects and jobs that are quick turn around  and typically incrementally below 1,000 pieces.  As a rule of thumb, jobs over 1,000 pieces are better served with a offset press and can offer better quality in terms of print output but with a larger price tag and longer turn time.

The marketing will continue to shift and jobs will fly in and out of San Antonio commercial printers, the deciding factors that we have seen to date are that of turn around time and offering more than just a printing service. Chile Media is coined for its ability to add more to your printing projects along with graphic design services, creative services and a marketing intuition with an advertising kick.

Printing San Antonio Fashion Week 2015

Chile Media is super proud to be Printing San Antonio Fashion Week programs, flyers, invitations, wall graphic and pretty much any of the printing collateral you will see in San Antonio for this years upcoming fashion week.

Printing San Antonio Fashion week has been a great honor for us and allows our humble company to be seen in the eyes of all the city leaders, businesses and fashionistas in San Antonio.

While Fashion is not like printing and advertising, they are related in the sense that both are an appreciation of art and design. Asides from the printing San Antonio industry, we also specialize in creative graphics, websites and marketing services.

When director Tony Harris of Fashion week met up with CEO Abram Alonso of Chile Media, it was a no brainer that both parties could offer each other support in honor of this
great event that is produced in our Alamo City.


Chile Media hope to maintain the relationship and looks forward to a great relationship with Fashion Week San Antonio in the years to come. See you on the runway!

Commercial Printing San Antonio

Chile Media last month officially entered in the marketplace of Union printers and union sign ships. To date there are only two San Antonio printing companies that are part of the Allied Printing Council and the Graphic Association along with the Graphic Communication Conference also know as the GCC / IBT.

Chile Media printing union number is 28 for all our constituents looking to contact us for their printing and design needs. This is a big push for us in consideration of the demand for printing collateral that will be used in the upcoming elections.

As opportunities arise, us becoming a commercial printing san antonio of union affiliation was inevitable. Our firm has recently been soliciting request for proposals for political print needs in light of the upcoming elections.

On average, the printing products for candidates are t-shirts, buttons, fliers, postcards, posters, signs and other items needed for promotion. Some local associations such as the San Antonio Firefighters Association are very particular to who they use for printing and marketing needs as they are always looking for the union bug. Typically clients that are in support of unions tend to be Democrats in our area. In comparison the unions are more organized and relied upon in the northern part of the United States. However, we ask that our customers not misconstrued our affiliation with the union to our political beliefs and ideals.

Along with the printing of political marketing collateral, we have expanded our San Antonio printing reach to Texas. As a union member in printing and advertising, Chile Media now solicits our services nationwide.

While the move was strategic in nature, it is something we have wanted to do for a very long time, states Abram Alonso, President of Chile Media. Since the inception of Chile Media in its roots as Hot Chile Design, many political clients constantly asked if we were a Union commercial printing San Antonio Company. Today we are proud to announce we are. In addition to this release, Chile Media has also expanded its product line to sublimate die and textile printing. Stay tuned for news on our newest equipment addition fo Chile Media making us the San Antonio Printing Company serving small to medium size business with excellent printing services along with the logistical backhand of advertising agency logistics.

Printing San Antonio

Printing San Antonio promotional items is now more popular in light of the recent Spurs win of their last championship. This year we saw a large increase in the number of vinyl banners printed in San Antonio unlike ever before. Seems that every time the Spurs do well, the entire San Antonio printing community explodes with article and publications that support our San Antonio Spurs.

Lots of things that were printed this year San Antonio banners made from local printing companies with the word “Go Spurs Go”. Every business engaged in printing of promotional items to support their marketing campaign along with San Antonio advertising agency initiatives that urged their clients to jump on the marketing bandwagon produced by this years NBA playoffs. In our experience this alone did wonders for San Antonio’s printing industries. As everyone is on a high off the Spurs latest win, it seems easy for many Printing firms to just say, “how bout them Spurs” and the response is always positive. Along with the overall economy, the street credibility of San Antonio printing companies has also increased for Chile Media. Customers who we talk to from out of town tend to be biased that since we have a championship team, our printing operation is also champion level.

Our printing services continue to be business cards, flyers, postcards, posters and many other items but in short, our service remains un wavered with or without the recent celebration of San Antonio’s win in the NBA finals. Our print operation will continue to offer the fast turn around time and hi quality products with low prices for the years to come and of course in hope for another championship to compliment a championship business for printing San Antonio marketing material. For all your print and advertising needs remember that the people at Chile Media are happy to help you achieve your businesses marketing and advertising goal in advertising and print collateral. This month, we are featuring one color printing on neoprene coolies to help keep your beverages cold in the hot summer heat in Texas. Coolies are available in multiple colors and multiple imprint colors.

San Antonio Printing Company Award Goes to Chile Media

San Antonio Printing Company has provided the same results for our Printing Company in San Antonio, Add Chile and Chile Media and have all helped us create a platform for knowledge and resourceful insight to our presence online. We also now will be introducing our web to print software under the domain

This is the birth of our online web to print software which now offers a complete print and management logistic for any graphic designer in san antonio or any printing professional in san antonio. Our printing facility also enable us to produce in house digital print within 24 hours for business cards, posters, postcards, brochures and any other offset print need that you may have. The San Antonio offset printing market has changed since the inception of wholesale printers San Antonio that San Antonio Printers are not accustomed to competing with. The virtualization of printing companies online with production capability now makes the little guy more competitive against larger local commercial printers.

While there is enough to go around, Chile Media this year will focus on web to print or web2print software to empower Texas printers and Texas Graphic designers to have access to technology that was once only available to large printers. Our platform will make the playing ground more even for the marketing and allow true talent to compete with big corporations. Stay tuned for more info from Chile Media regarding our online printing logistics.

Our San Antonio Printing operation now includes large format production. Chile Media has in house capability to produce banners, trade-show displays, custom vinyl sticker and any other large format or need for banners San Antonio has not seen to date. With our proprietary software we will be introducing an online ordering system for signs, coroplast signs, metal signs, gator board signs, foam core signs and all other popular large format paper type.

Our printing company has over 15 media types in stock and can get jobs cranked out super fast. If you have a need for printing or 24 hours printing, think about Chile Media. We have the in house capability to print or design and print your job with an Advertising Agency level of design and service found no where else in San Antonio. We also have been selling many Good Ole’ San Antonio website design to local businesses looking to beef up their online presence. Until next time thanks again for checking in with us. Sincerely,

Chile Media

San Antonio Printing to Chile Media

San Antonio Printing has evolved. Customer want it fast and at a great price. We have enjoyed the ride for the last 6 years via our website. However times are changing as is our company and officially within the next week or so we will be migrating and re-directing our traffic to our new call sign Not even a Korean domain purchasing agent could stop us from acquiring and getting the domain that fits the name of our corporate entity.

Chile Media is a fusion of all our work and our core competencies. With over 100 collective years of print and marketing experience our new site will provide more paths to our work and the many services we can render for your business success.
In addition to our new site, we have also physically grown. While our beginnings remain humble, our 2700 square foot facility is still a cry from our final destination as an agency that provides premium print services, large format, web services and the ability to serve as a 3rd party logistical leg for our clients.

Asides from being a printing company San Antonio has come to recognize, we have also grown technologically. This year we will be introducing into market our web to print platform. This new venture for Chile Media gives our customers in the print and advertising agency the keys to their own print stores. ALong with an incredible back office system to manage print logistics, the software also provides customer management tools including invoicing, payment processing, aging reports, sales staff and more. For us, this next path is the pivotal point on our growing ascend to the next level.

Of Design and Websites, we have also made serious advances in our logistical process of how we produce websites in house. Along with eye catchy designs, our process has become streamlined resulting in more efficiency and a higher quality product at a great value in cost. Competition for any type of marketing and advertising in San Antonio can vary from freelance level to agency status. Chile Media now celebrates ten years in existence since its initial inception in 2003 as Hot Chile Design, the Hot Chile Media and now the later, Chile Media, your go to source for marketing and still your San Antonio printing company.

San Antonio Business Cards

We’d like to thank all our customers who helped build our business with business cards. Building a business with business cards has proven to be a solid base for growing any business. Your business card is the intro and the most referred to item that represents you and your business.

San Antonio Business Cards is how we got our foot in the door for printing services in San Antonio and our firm has been able to evolve since. Thanks again for a great year San Antonio and to all of our national clients doing business with us at

Stay tuned in 2013 to view our news print jobs and pictures.