Printing San Antonio Fashion Week 2015

Chile Media is super proud to be Printing San Antonio Fashion Week programs, flyers, invitations, wall graphic and pretty much any of the printing collateral you will see in San Antonio for this years upcoming fashion week.

Printing San Antonio Fashion week has been a great honor for us and allows our humble company to be seen in the eyes of all the city leaders, businesses and fashionistas in San Antonio.

While Fashion is not like printing and advertising, they are related in the sense that both are an appreciation of art and design. Asides from the printing San Antonio industry, we also specialize in creative graphics, websites and marketing services.

When director Tony Harris of Fashion week met up with CEO Abram Alonso of Chile Media, it was a no brainer that both parties could offer each other support in honor of this
great event that is produced in our Alamo City.


Chile Media hope to maintain the relationship and looks forward to a great relationship with Fashion Week San Antonio in the years to come. See you on the runway!