Inline Foil Business Cards

Inline foil printing is a brand new innovative way of printing business cards. We incorporate an inline foil within the print which gives the design the metallic look. Our foil printing technology allows you to designate any part in your design to become metallic as the foil will lay under the color. The foil reflects light so when your customers will look at your business card it will shine just like metal.

We are not talking your run of the foil stamped business cards.
These are FULL 4 COLOR PROCESS FOIL BUSINESS CARDS! Traditional foil stamped business cards limit you to 4-5 colors:
Blue, Red, Green, Gold and Silver. Not these business cards.
These are full color business cards. So, if you want cards that scream, “Do business with me!”, these business cards are your choice.
These already beautiful business cards come printed on silk laminated paper.

Our inline foil business cards are:

  • Full color on both sides at no extra charge
  • Newest product in the industry
  • Fast delivery at no extra charge