Search Engine Marketing

SEO or Search Engine Marketing has become a popular term in the word of marketing your business and organization. Getting ranked online is a matter of know-how and positioning your business in online marketing. Unlike SEO, search engine marketing entails the use of PPC or Pay Per Click and Keyword Marketing. Using popular methods like buying keyword and adwords is a quick way to have an online presence and jumpstart your online marketing.

Consider Chile Media for your Search Engine Marketing needs as we have the extensive knowledge and expertise to get you pointed in right direction. After a brief consultation we will provide you with a plan of attack with relevant keywords that will attract the customers and clientele you are targeting. You can call us at: (210) 616-0163

Searh Engine Optimization

The good’ol natural way of ranking your site using relevant keywords that occur in your content is the objective of Search Engine Optimization. Unline search engine marketing, SEO employs rhetorical methods where content fall more naturally in the context of your website.

To acheive such a result requires a systematic method that Chile Media is very familiar with. Our website designs include the on-site seo tactics needed to employ such methods by putting the relevant text and metatag keywords and descriptions for your site to rank and provide the results your business needs.